Current Offerings

Quantum has offerings in direct property, T1 Bonds, Geared Equities and other investment opportunities.

SMSF Investments

Quantum Offers direct SMSF investments in Property and or Share Portfolios, with gearing from between 0-80%. Visit SMSF Direct Investments for more information.

QReal Offerings

Quantum has developed a structure called QReal that allows investors to participate in direct residential property development project, and provides a profit participation that can be taken as a discounted apartment in the Project via the;

Quantum Residential Property Trust

The Q-REAL program offers investors via the opportunity to invest into selected residential apartment projects and purchase an apartment at a substantial reduction to the typical market price.

Quantum Cloud

Quantum has developed a state of the art cloud based computing solutions for both clients, accountants and other advisors.

Clients can access on-line access to investments, Funds and other on-line access (i.e. full banking portal via)

Business Profile

Quantum aims to provide a range of innovative property and debt investment funds that deliver attractive, risk-adjusted returns. This is why Quantum sees itself as "Innovators in Investment".

Past Offerings

Review current and completed property funds and other asset classes by Quantum.

Quantum Research

Australian residential property and investment.

Annual Report

Access to the latest reports.

Wealth Creation Seminars

We can show you the best ways to invest for your future.

Please click here to view upcoming seminar dates in your city.



Quantum Group launches the USA Residential Property Fund website.
This website is here to assist our investors to submit their interests in Quantum U.S.A Residential Property Fund.

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Property product flexible to fee/commissions debate
With disclosure and fee flexibility at the forefront of concerns, Quantum Warrants claims that their online property warrant offering for self-managed super funds, Quantum PropertyLink, enables the client and adviser to discuss remuneration and choose the best model.

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Quantum bridges property gap for planners
Property investment specialist Quantum Group has launched a real estate product for financial planners to support clients investing in residential property.

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