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Quantum Mortgage Trust


Letter to Investors

Dear Investor,

On behalf of the Directors of Quantum Funds Management Limited (�Quantum�), it is my pleasure to offer you the opportunity to subscribe for Units in Quantum Mortgage Trust.

The Trust has now been operating for over fifteen (15) years (since March 2001) and we have completed nearly $19 million in Secured Loans for our investors. One of the unique differences with our Trust to that of other mortgage trusts is that there is no pooling of your funds into a number of different Secured Loans. You are able to invest into a Class of Units specific to the Secured Loan. This allows you to review each particular Authorised Investment, details of the Secured Loan, the anticipated or target returns, and risks, prior to committing your funds.

The Part Two Product Disclosure Statements (which should be read together with this Part One Product Disclosure Statement) detail all the specific information in respect of any particular Class of Units and the correlating Secured Loan.

Quantum specialises in property funds management. At present Quantum has approximately $300 million of assets under management, including development projects throughout Australia and residential property in the United States of America.

The mortgages are managed by Quantum Finances Pty Ltd (�Mortgage Manager�), which has been involved in arranging, managing and discharging over $420 million in mortgages since 1995.

Quantum has extensive experience in all aspects of the property market and understands all the aspects of the financing of property. It is this experience we bring to investors in the Trust.

I encourage you to read Parts One and Two of this PDS carefully and seek independent financial advice.

I recommend to you on behalf of the directors of Quantum, the opportunity to subscribe for Units in the Trust, and welcome you as either an existing Quantum client or a new investor.

For any additional information please contact Quantum on 1300 360 949 or visit our web site at


The Quantum Mortgage Trust (�Trust�) was established in March 2001. The Trust allows Investors to invest moneys that are subsequently lent to Borrowers, which are secured by way of registered Mortgages over real property assets, and (in some cases) charges or other type of security over other assets.

The Trust offers Investors the opportunity to select the Authorised Investment they wish to invest in by investing in a �Class of Units�. Each �Class of Units� relates to one particular Authorised Investment. The �Authorised Investment� is a loan secured over a specific property and (in some cases) other assets.

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An Investment in the Trust offers:

An appropriate risk premium / return relative to cash rates;

No entry or exit fees;

Investor choice in the particular Authorised Investment;

Where applicable valuation of the Secured Property by an independent registered valuer;

Experienced manager with over 18 years experience (since 1999) in lending with a refined and disciplined approach to funds management;

Monthly, quarterly or annual distributions, depending on the Class of Units which an Investor acquires. The distribution periods are detailed in the Part Two PDS;

The Investment is used to fund the Secured Loan and other Authorised Investments.


An investor should read both the Part One and the Part Two PDS (the Part Two PDS outlines the actual property that is being secured under a mortgage) before considering an investment.


Contact Quantum for the Part One and the Part Two PDS on 1300 360 949.


The diagram below depicts the relationship between the Investors, Trust Manager (which is also the, Responsible Entity), Compliance Committee and the Compliance Auditor.

Investors in the Trust obtain an exposure to the Mortgages via the Trust. Investors hold a Class of Units, which is referable to a specific Mortgage nominated on the Application Form (the Part Two PDS) Each Part Two PDS will detail the exact term of each Mortgage. Each Class of Units will be for a specified term, generally 24 months. Whilst there is no maximum term for a particular investment in Units.

Mortgage Manager

Quantum Finances Pty Ltd (ACN 069-485-641) is the Mortgage Manager. Quantum Finances Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1994 for the purposes of offering Mortgages to clients of Quantum Group, arranging finance for Quantum under its syndicates or finance for other borrowers.

A management contract between the Trust Manager and Quantum Finances Pty Ltd appoints Quantum Finances Pty Ltd as the Mortgage Manager.

The key terms of the arrangement provide that the Mortgage Manager must:

  • Source appropriate Secured Loans for the Trust.
  • Manage any consultants engaged including lawyers and valuers.
  • Investigate the Property using its internal resources, such as the relevant database of sales in particular postcodes in the last 12 months.
  • Where applicable, conduct a site inspection.
  • Manage the Secured Loan, including receipt of interest and settlement sums.
  • Report to Quantum quarterly on all interest and settlement sums and payment paid or accrued.
  • Provide any recommendations on direction or opinions on the management of a particular Secured Loan.
    • Monitor the progress of the Secured Loan as per agreed timetables and the mortgage documentation.
    • Supervise and monitor the Custodian�s performance of its duties and obligations;
  • If required carry out the marketing and sale of any mortgaged property.
  • Advise Investors within 21 days if the borrower is in default and outline a proposed course of remedial action.

The above is only a summary and investors must contact Quantum for the Part One and the Part Two PDS on 1300 360 949. Both should be read before making an investment.

Other Jurisdictions

The Trust Manager notes that it has received regulatory approval from Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Scheme Number 17Z4RCV0013 for the Quantum Mortgage Trust. The Trust manager can now accept applications from Singapore for professional investors under the Singapore version of the Part One and part Two PDS.

Annual Report

Please click here to download latest and prior years annual reports.


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