Quantum Debt & Real Estate Opportunities


Quantum Funds Management has established the Quantum Debt & Real Estate Opportunities (QDRO) to focus on opportunities in the residential property sector in Australia.

The objective is to present to investors suitable  debt and or equity investment opportunities with established developers that will yield superior, risk adjusted returns on development opportunities supported by four key factors;



Scarcity of both debt and equity,


Strong population growth and chronic undersupply of housing,


The flight of cash from mortgage funds to government guaranteed bank deposits and


The stringent lending environment, prevailing with 1st mortgage funders.


The focus will be approved development opportunities located in prime metropolitan areas within Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Capital will be invested via Preferred Equity, Equity or Mezzanine Debt structures. The opportunities will target a 25% IRR.

These transactions can be structured as a “Note”, and provide the following key attributes;


Zero (0%) Tax (including 0% Aust. Withholding Tax).


Investment/Capital is 100% covered by pre-sales of stock.


Mortgage security of LTV of between 60-80%.


The Company’s investment team is comprised of Australian real estate professionals that have built a significant network of real estate contacts over the last 20 years. This access to deal flow limits the need for participation in competitive auctions for assets and positions the Company to source off-market transactions through direct negotiations with sellers. Further, unlike foreign competitors who face significant barriers to entry when investing in Australia, Quantum faces far fewer regulatory hurdles when implementing its investment strategy.


An investor can choose single opportunities that suit their own risk and return profile, these are not comingled.

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