Property and Opportunity Fund

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The offer

The Property & Opportunity Fund offers will raise funds to invest in a range of property developments and other property based investments. Property & Opportunity Fund will generally invest in a Development Interest with other Quantum Property Syndicates or Funds.

What is the Property & Opportunity Fund?

An investment in the development of a range of properties that returns development profits to the investor in the form of a cash distribution. The fund seeks to provide a return in excess of those available for property investments over completed properties. A final distribution will be made up of remaining project profits once the development is complete.

What types of investment are made by the Fund?

The fund will invest in Quantum property development and other direct or indirect property investments.

Property & opportunity fund diagram

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This general advice does not take into account your needs, objectives or financial situation. You should refer to the PDS and your adviser before making any investment decision. A PDS can be obtained from Quantum. Risks are disclosed in the PDS and you should carefully read the Risk Section of the PDS to determine if this investment is suitable.

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